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STEP INTO YOUR POWER VOICE & Build relationships online with live video. Learn to use it to build connections, gain more followers, grow your list, leads and sales. Showing up realtime and interacting with your ideal clients & customers helps you gain credibility quicker, & grow your business. Statistics show that video influences customers to buy. 


Establish yourself as the expert in your niche, even if you have a small email list. Build online authority and attract your ideal customers & Clients by showing up consistently & delivering valuable information. Go Live as a guest expert,  deliver Q&A’s, short trainings, interviews and host a talk show.


TAKE YOUR BUSINESS GLOBAL without leaving your desk! Did you know that 1 in 5 Videos on Facebook now are LIVE? LIVE video gets more shares than text and static images combined. Video sells your products and services because you are seen, hearde & interact in realtime.  

Beginner or Expert... Live Video may be for you if you are....

  • Stay At Home Mom looking to earn a side income.

  • Tired of 9-5 Job, looking to build an online business

  • Retired? Want to share skills & earn extra income

  • Planning a Second Act Career with an online business.

  • Have a book, course or workshop you can promote & sell online.


THIS IS A GAME CHANGER for Professionals and Businesses ONLINE!

1 in 5 Videos on Facebook Are Live!

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Yehudit Steinberg M.Ed.

Yehudit Steinberg M.Ed., Live Video Coach  Instructor & Creator of Think Grow Love Media, a digital media company that specializes in teaching women entrepreneurs how to grow your business with the power of Live Video on Facebook & now LinkedIn Live.

I’ve been teaching LIVE VIDEO since it arrived on the scene in 2016 with students all over the globe, in UK, Australia, Abu Dabi and across USA and Canada.


I help entrepreneurs and creative small businesses get visible and gain authority online through the game-changing power of live streaming broadcast to jumpstart your social media presence and increase sales to more targeted leads while saving time, creating content for blog posts, social media and online courses.. 

I’m known for energizing and inspiring students, to step out of their fears and overwhelm to deliver their live videos on various platforms. I’m always there to help you with your questions. My passion is to help you solve your problems, accomplish your goals and become so inspired that you LET GO OF THE FEAR OF BEING IN FRONT OF A CAMERA!

If you are a business owner and you want to step into your spotlight so you can increase your visibility and bottom line with clarity, confidence, and joy, I can get you there!

Video Testimonial

Jennifer Darling, LinkedIn Expert, Professional Speaker, Business Coach, Sacramento, CA


What People Are Saying...

Yehudit is an expert at all things Facebook Live. She also is a terrific teacher--knowledgeable, always patient, and very responsive. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to learn Facebook Live from scratch or to upgrade their skills.

Sara Hart Coach & Speaker Palo Alto, CA

I wanted to learn more about video live streaming and then I discovered Yehudit Steinberg, FBLive Media Lab.  I was feeling overwhelmed with all the platforms and unsure what was the best equipment to use to get the job done.  She was a dream to work with, very informative and knowledgeable on how to deliver the best live stream on different platforms and also offered economical ways to do it without breaking the bank.  With her encouragement she opened up a new world to “going live” and I feel more confident doing videos now.  She is always ready to answer any questions and guide you in the right direction.  I highly recommend her courses whether you are a beginner or advance live streamer.

Adele Sciortino, Figurative Artist, Montreal, CA & Ft. Lauderdale, FL. USA

Before I took your live program I was stuck on the technical pieces of FBLIve, especially using my phone to go live. I had small roadblocks that you quickly helped me solve like, How your phone should be. I’m not a technical person and you helped to sort out my technical problems, lighting, whether I should hold the phone in portrait or landscape mode….. and then the going live itself. It’s a bit of an art and it takes encouragement especially at first, just to know that others are there to support you. Your FBLive Media Lab helped give me a place to practice and be with other ladies learning these skills.  it’s good to be in a community that allows you to where you feel supportive and I did feel very supportive in your community. A lot of the women are amazing. And they were all striving for more, which I really like being in that type of community!

Renee Braithwaite, Social Media Coach, Abu Dhabi UAE

 You have inspired and motivated me beyond my expectations. I have learned so much from yu in just a few short weeks and it was a lot of fun too!!!! I took the challenge and I'm really enjoying every minute of the course! I'm learning lots of good information and skills. Taking my skillset to the next level. I'm excited!!!! Look for my Talk Show soon. You know I'm good at what I do and so are you. Ready, Set, Grow!

Gloria Brown,  Lady Leadership Success Coach, Castro Valley, CA

 Hi Yehudit I'm really enjoying the course and your education training experience you have a Master in Ed., shows through" 

Kathy Loewenstern Internet Marketing @ Kathy Lo Knows San Francisco, CA

Yehudit, you are a wonderful inspiration to help us show up_ move forward.

Kimberley Bell author Empowering You, Westborough, MA

I found Yehudit a very kind person that when you ask her a specific question of how something works on Facebook, she will go out of her way to find the answer for you. She takes the requests of her clients seriously!

Gabrielle Van Rij Motivational Speaker, West Hollywood, CA. 

I'm having so much fun learning FB Live in Yehudit's class. 

Caterina Rando, Business Coach, Speaker and Mentor, San Francisco, CA

I'm super activated with prepping for my live show iwth Yehudit at the helm and crest of a new fun way to get ourselves out there. Everything to gain from taking her courses

Erika Gimbel, MFT Wholistic Psychotherapist, Oakland, CA





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