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Are you planning a non-traditional  wedding AND not sure where to start?

Mazel Tov and Congratulations!!!

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Planning a wedding where there are two different religions or cultures has a few extra steps at the start that helps make the planning process so much easier. 

Tune into our new FB Live Weekly Show that helps you get started with a clear plan for your non-traditional fusion wedding. 

Every week we offer basic tips on important considerations when planning a fusion wedding where one partner is Jewish. 

Don't miss any episodes where we give you important steps to take, before you even spend a dime.  

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Every week we answer all your questions while live and if you are watching on the replay, we answer all questions in the comments.

Your Host: Yehudit Steinberg

Yehudit Steinberg, your Jewish Fusion Wedding Guide and the founder of the first online resource for interfaith families, Jewish Interfaith Wedding Network. Since 2003, Yehudit has helped hundreds of couples from different backgrounds cultures and faiths successfully plan their Jewish fusion style weddings.

Now you have the great opportunity to learn what has worked and not worked so well over the years each week for the next 12 weeks, as she goes live on Facebook every week to help you through this sometimes overwhelming and confusing process. With her years of expertise, she can help you simplify your plans and incorporate what you want along with making your family and friends feel welcome and included.  

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Learn professional secrets to successful planning without making expensive, time consuming and stressful mistakes. You are going to love this content.

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Jewish Fusion Weddings 

Non-traditional weddings with two or more cultures or religions

Your Host: Yehudit Steinberg



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